About Us

Drink Ket0nes is run by Rank 7 Pro Champions Jordan Leary and Grace Kym Thorne, a dynamo duo at the helm of a health revolution. Together they have pioneered the expansion of Pruvit ketone technology in the UK, creating a viable market before it’s official launch, all while raising two children. With over ten thousand happy customers and a dynamic team including celebrities, professional athletes, influencers, business owners and stay at home mums, they pride themselves on their hands-on approach, supporting and coaching people to create their own success. With the belief that ‘we are all better, together’ they have a goal to educate and empower people to become the best version of themselves. 

Who are we?


Born in Perth, Australia, but a citizen of the world, Grace was introduced to the network marketing industry in 2016 before traveling to the UK. As a single mum having overcome her fair share of obstacles, she fell in love with the flexibility of the industry and the opportunity to utilise her potential.

Grace’s work as an end of life doula has given her insight into the importance of living life to the full. Not wanting to sacrifice time with her children for work, she wanted to find a way of incorporating her love of helping people with her passion for networking. And through the law of attraction that’s just what happened.

You’ll often find her sporting a high bun in hustle mode, hosting team trainings and events, supporting other women stepping into their own power. She holds the belief that you create your own reality and she’s flying high enjoying the freedom that she’s created, having fun with like minded souls that seek the same.


Jordan spent years in real estate, hustling hard under someone else, living paycheck to paycheck knowing that there must be more. With an innate passion for health and fitness he graduated from an Integrated Nutrition course in 2017 and started down his path to becoming a health coach.

For a time Jordan promoted a range of weight loss products alongside his coaching, running fit camps and personal training for free. As much as his love for helping people spurred him on, it was an exhausting time that didn’t reap much benefit. He knew it was a great business model but the product wasn’t right.

With a belief in a mind and body connection when it comes to health, Jordan learned about the benefits of fasting, which in turn introduced him to ketones and finally a product that could put you in ketosis within 60 minutes. It was the missing piece.

Passionate about his work and wanting to spend more time with his family, he understands the importance of the two co-existing. Through a support based networking system and world-first products, It’s his goal to coach people to have the confidence to live the life they deserve.